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Bitcoin Wallet

If you're familiar with Bitcoin already then the only thing you need to know is you can use any bitcoin wallet to send and receive funds on our crowdfunding platform.

If you're new to Bitcoin then please read...

By now you've perhaps heard of Bitcoin. It a globally recognized currency. It's used in every country. You can do everything you can with regular cash. Buy products and services online. Transfer funds to a friend, or if you need cash just go to your local bitcoin ATM in your area and withdraw paper cash in your own currency (ie: USD).

What you're seeing to the right is an example of what a Bitcoin wallet looks like. It's an app you download to your smartphone. Or you can download a desktop/laptop version to your computer (use either one).

It works almost very similar to that of any debit machine or ATM machine. If you want to transfer funds or make a payment you just enter an amount, enter a pin number and send. Only that in bitcoin (BTC) it's referred to as a Bitcoin wallet Address and it's a lot longer than just 4 digits.



If you're new to bitcoin, then start by downloading a bitcoin wallet like: and test it out (it's free).

Or on your smartphone app store or in google just type in: "bitcoin wallet", and you'll find various different wallets that are available to select from and downline. Again if you've used any debit machine or PayPal, then you already have used something extremely close to a bitcoin wallet.

Also watch some Youtube videos on how to use a bitcoin wallet and how to use a bitcoin ATM. Again it's as simple as using any ATM machine or debit machine or PayPal. So you'll pick it up in 5 minutes even if you've never used it before.

The Coinanc Passive Income System runs on Bitcoin. This is because say someone on the other side of the world finds a video you placed on youtube. They click your link to view the service. They then decide to join. Upon joining they enter "your affiliate code ". And they now need to complete payment. The simpliest way to complete this financial transaction is using bitcoin. This way we can easily send you 50% of the sale, quickly and securely.

After you sign up we will provide you with full instructions on how to get set up using bitcoin.


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Now that you have a basic undstanding of the platform be sure to bookmark us, and if you still have any questions feel free to contact us. Thank you.


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