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Task Description Reward
YouTube Create website review video $5.00
YouTube Create animated explainer video $5.00
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SUMMARY: You can start earning bitcoin now by completing small tasks. You will create content for us such as recording youtube videos, such as website reviews. Then submitting your work to us.

We will review your work, and then pay you within 24 hours. Please note that video submissions earn you up to $5.00 usd, paid direct to your bitcoin wallet in BTC. If you don't have a bitcoin wallet there are a few free suggestion listed here. Please start by only completing one task at a time. You can create and submit up to 3 different videos. Then submit your work and wait for our approval before you do any further.

Work Tasks:


Reward: $5.00 usd

STEP 1: Get in front of your video camera. Either your webcam or smartphone. Record a short 3-5 minute video talking about your experience using Coinanc.com. You could talk about things like:

STEP 2: Introduce yourself and talk about why you're interested in bitcoin

STEP 3: How you found the website

STEP 4: Inform your audience of the main functions of the website

STEP 5: Explain to the audience how you can make money using coinanc.com

STEP 6: Tell the audiance to click the link in the description below to learn more about Coinanc.com

STEP 7: To get paid: Submit Your Work

Work Tasks:


Reward: $5.00 usd

If you don't want to be on camera there's a few other options you can use to create a video.

Make your video about 3-5 minutes in length

OPTION 1: Just do a screen capture of our website index page and record your voice talking about the site.

OPTION 2: You can use an animated video creation program such as:

  • https://www.vyond.com

  • https://spark.adobe.com

To get paid: Submit Your Work


Coinanc we prefer to pronounce more like you would coin-ance with the "e". It's like Coin + Finance Coin-ance. Some people have pronounced our site as Coin-ank which is too confusing. Coinance sounds more like Binance which is just easier.

Also keep each video between 3-5 minutes each if possible. The main goal of each video is simply to share a few main points about the website and opportunity, and then tell the viewer to: "click on the link in the description below". Which we will add later.

Say: "Coinanc dot com" multiple times in the video "ie: so please visit coinanc dot com and the link is in the description below...."

The theme of the video you want to record is mainly just a "promotional piece" for a general audiance. It's basically to tell others "hey you can earn bitcoin for free at Coinanc dot com, go there now". Simple and straight forward. This is not a critique video telling us how to improve the site.

If you're not sure how to do something, just do some research on youtube on the topic. ie: How to record my first youtube video ...or...vyond tutorial.

Sample video click here (note this is more of a professional video. Your video doesn't have to be this high quality. Just point your camera at yourself. Record and tell the world in your own words why you like Coinanc.com.)

(If you have any suggestions for us just email us your ideas, as we do appreciate feedback, comments and suggestions as well.)


Submit Your Completed Work Click Here

When you're done your video click the orange button to submit your work. After we review your work, we will pay you within 24 hours direct to your bitcoin wallet. Plus you'll earn a $25 dollar bonus reward that can be applied to a Partner Membership if later on you decide you're ready to start earning even more income.


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